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11 Jun 2019
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philip longs at #gala, #ctsi n #theta was juicy today 😋 think tonight i will sleep well🥱😴
philip CZ the bullmaker- i can sleep again 😴😉
philip new fud around binance...swift transfer to/from the exchange only from 100k? --> it's a good target! ;)
philip Würstli und Chässalötli gell ;)
philip Something is fishy there....all the big up moves were made by NY or on a weekend...I'm curious what's waiting for us...something is brewing there...
philip can sleep again 😉
philip can't sleep...i think..i feel it.. something huge is coming soon...
philip @sam your welcome
philip there are already several projects / coins that are designed for compatibility with cbdc and follow a different motivation than many think. you must be aware of that!
philip --> WEF - Klaus Schwab, warning of the next ‘pandemic’, a cyber attack so vast it disconnects the internet. All of this boosts his digital ID and CBDC agenda.
philip in the future: "CBDC will be the Vaccine, otherwise your bank account will be hacked!"
philip trading here is 🥱 I'm asking me why nobody of the core team starting trading here and put up the volume. i thinks should be in your own interest too... 🤷‍♂️
philip patience
philip Congratulations SpaceX Falcon team on 60 successful launches this year!! from Musk --> now i would buy a lot of this shares Joe! LOL ;)
philip what no one pays attention to is the excess mortality that will come our way. in the future, and for a time, very few stocks will be profitable. mainly three pieces, all three are involved in vaccines against covid. for all the rest there will be an oversupply of almost everything. and when we notice it, it will happen very, very quickly
philip joe im happy never had this s... shares
philip crypto takes, crypto gives. in 2023 many more will lose than win. Slab city will grow 🤭😁
philip JUST IN: Tesla $TSLA is now down 71% since January 1st, 2022.
philip asking me who read this 20 times merry Christmas 🫶🤭🤣
philip köszönöm roland
philip do you see that too, the market is quiet since ftx is gone. manipulation says hello
philip Supermoon
philip JUST IN: Amazon $AMZN becomes the first company to lose $1 trillion in market value, the biggest loss in history
philip We are witnessing history, the fourth Industrial Revolution taking place, right here!
philip @mastersonjon Disorient Campers? tell me more pls 🥸
philip Hüt gits en guete Wurst Käässalot zum zMittag
philip I'm looking for the "velvet" coin. can someone help me?
philip Hoi Welt
philip - USDU Rebase - next 24h !!
philip :link test
philip hello UNIT world - today good vibes from Davos 🌻
philip i watch n' ask myself; who makes the better sidewalk right now: BTC or M. Jackson??
philip enjoying Sunday evening with a bonfire 🔥
philip which coins would you like to exchange?
philip Hi unit world 😊


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