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08 Aug 2022
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kurtcaz the bear market is over if we see prices like 2018 in btc...everyone else, good luck
kurtcaz Jaaaaaa WEF! ;)
kurtcaz The fourth Industrial revolution is ongoing. Something Klaus Schwab and the WEF love to see. The digitalisation of the world is in its final steps. The final preparation for digital money is ongoing. Don’t complain, try to benefit from it as investor.
kurtcaz i like it.. ;(
kurtcaz so that's my whole psychology thinking behind working together with WEF.. isn't really make sense for me and honestly.. isn't also a plus trust thing ...
kurtcaz don't hope is blocked money then..🤷‍♂️
kurtcaz so what's you guys doing if cbdc overtake the stables and all other get fucked or forbidden??
kurtcaz Hello Michael 👋 still waiting fory answer? i don't know why..but often i become the feeling here in this circle.. nobody really want answer my not so comfortable questions? i hope you guys just busy by unit... looking forward to your answers
kurtcaz also usdu
kurtcaz michael: thanks. it raises some questions about the stables. the governments will come with the cbdc and will probably also use them as stables to have an overview of the payments in fiat. The question then is what happens to the existing stables....
kurtcaz Yo Unit team🤙 i do have a question...whats your goal joining the WEF? isn't not 200% again the crypto BG?
kurtcaz little b.... sam it's live
kurtcaz Binance Bluebird Index = BNB / MASK / DOGE
kurtcaz i use btc as stablecoin now, my trust in usdt/usdc is waning...
kurtcaz BNB + DOGE + MASK = CZ + ELON vs FTX + MATIC + AR = SAM + MARK
kurtcaz The competition for dominance of crypto social media and the new revolution of Web 3.0 has really started for the very first time. The race is on, who will form the best partnerships, who will overtake the other, and who will provide the best NFT & MetaVerse content.
kurtcaz where are the traders here?
kurtcaz let's trade unit to increase volume 🥳